Who Built My Business

“If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

– Barack Obama

“President Obama, somebody else didn’t make my business happen…I did.” – Dan Bentley, Bentley Rxpress Pharmacy.

When it comes to ease of doing business, America is top 10 in the world. But when it comes to starting a business, we’re ranked 46th

– Whitehouse.gov

“Danny Bentley is truly one of the most active and involved pharmacists I’ve known. He owned an independent pharmacy, Bentley Rxpress Pharmacy in Ironton, Ohio, and was one of the first Pharm. D’s to own an independent doing clinical activities in his pharmacy.”

– Ernest Boyd, R.Ph., MBA, Executive Director, Ohio Pharmacists Association

“An active preceptor for pharmaceutical interns, you are, indeed an inspirational role model to all who know you. It is not surprising that you have attained such success for you have brought exceptional expertise and business acumen to your position from your experience as the owner and chief pharmacist of Bentley Rxpress Pharmacy and as an instructor of biology and microbiology at the Ohio University Southern Campus.”

– Representative William L. Ogg House District #92

“A prominent businessman and role model in our community, your many accomplishments are a justifiable source of pride, and we recognize you for the high level of skill and dedication which you bring to your important work. You have achieved an exemplary record of service and have set an example worthy of emulation.”

– Representative John Carey House District #94