(1) Pro-Gun

The right to bear arms is a constitutional right!  Kentucky was NRA’s pick for this year’s Annual Meeting because we Kentuckians believe in the second amendment.

(2) Healthcare and healthcare cost

Repeal Obamacare and reduce cost of premiums to middle class.  The Drug Epidemic increases and uses healthcare dollars.

(3) Education

Education decisions need to be decided locally. Give power back to parents.  Promote dual courses and prepare student for the workforce. Smart Americans produce a Stronger America.

(4) Jobs

We have the lowest percentage of people working since 1977.  Keep the jobs we have.  Cut the red tape and regulations to let private business open and thrive. Promote coal jobs!

(5) Spending

We live in a disposable society with addiction to Spend.  We have to decrease taxes to encourage new business.  States balance budgets, why not USA?  Our children do not deserve the debt!  Family values teach us to be financially sound.